FairwayPro Expansion Program

Ready to grow with two new patented product versions

Targeting the commercial golf range mat business category

We launched the FairwayPro product with the introduction of an advanced state-of-the-art product.
This initial consumer version is for home use or taken to practice/warm-up sessions.
Two new products have been developed for the global commercial golf practice mat market.

Evolutionary new design updated with same patented features and functionality as the original consumer version.

Patented FairwayPro forward-sliding turf mechanism, hinged weather protection ball tray, and stance mat with an adjustable tee.

Forward sliding turf mechanism with hinged weather protection ball tray and clamping system to attach to existing stance mat.

Serving Both B2B & B2C Golf Markets

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Functionality, Durability & Media Coverage

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Retail Product Launch, Testimonials & Product Expansion


Overview of the stages from invention and patenting to testing through maufacturing, marketing and distribution.


Product reviews and key endorcements gathered at trade shows, web networking and marketing / sales activity.


Value proposition, strategic rationale, marketing strategies, competition, financial projections, manufacturing, and roll-out costs.  

Our Background In Branding, Product Launch, Marketing & Public Relations

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